Specimens for destructive testing

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Specimens for destructive testing.

In the metal industry, the choice of material used to produce a part, tool or any other product is crucial.  It is vital to know the strength of that material, its deformation forming, how it will respond to heat treatment, its hardness and its bending strength.

In short, all of the characteristics and physical, chemical and mechanical properties of a material are determined through the quality testing performed in a company’s quality control labs.

At Manitek, we specialise in the machining production of specimens for quality control materials in destructive testing.

We produce specimens for different types of tests, such as:

· Tensile tests.
· Fatigue tests.
· Impact tests (for Charpy impact tests with different notch geometries).
· Fracture toughness tests.

We work very closely with our customers when machining specimens, enabling us to follow their specifications correctly and optimise the collection/delivery of the material being tested. 

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