Moving towards LMD technology

LMD or Laser Metal Deposition LMD or Laser Metal Deposition is an innovative system for additive manufacturing, a manufacturing method that is now being implemented across our business sector and is now emerging as an industrial revolution in many different sectors. Additive manufacturing technology is based on manufacturing components by adding layers of material based […]

Specimens for destructive testing

Specimens for destructive testing. In the metal industry, the choice of material used to produce a part, tool or any other product is crucial.  It is vital to know the strength of that material, its deformation forming, how it will respond to heat treatment, its hardness and its bending strength. In short, all of the characteristics […]

Circular economy

Industry and the circular economy Industry and the manufacturing sector as a whole are undergoing a period of change. Overspending on resources and a lack of sustainable criteria in basic structures have forced us to change our overall approach. Immersing ourselves in the circular economy is setting us on the path to new opportunities. The circular economy […]